Across Geographical Divides

Global Advocacy for Global Access

Advanced medicine poses tough questions about value, cost and safety for policymakers across the globe.  GAfPA’s international network of physicians and advocates work to educate those policymakers and encourage informed decisions.
Beyond language barriers.  Across geographical divides. GAfPA’s advocates tackle regional and national challenges to pursue a global policy goal: Patient access to appropriate medical care.

Asia | Australia | Europe | Latin America
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GAfPA in Asia

GAfPA’s advocates in Asia strive for consistent, trusted standards that give patients across the continent access to safe treatment options.

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GAfPA in Australia

For a safe supply of accessible, advanced medicines, GAfPA’s advocates urge Australian regulators to finalize a clear, uniform framework.

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GAfPA in Europe

GAfPA’s advocates in Europe strive for policies that fairly balance cost considerations with patient access.

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GAfPA in Latin America

Across Latin America, GAfPA’s advocates seek a consistent regulatory process to make safe, innovative medicines available to patients.

Learn more about GAfPA in Latin America

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