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The Global Alliance for Patient Access brings together physicians and patient advocates from across the globe to advocate for policies that protect patients’ access to advanced medicine.

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Physician advocates communicate how government-level decisions affect the real-world experience of medicine, bridging the divide between policy and practice. Physicians insight is crucial to helping policymakers understand how their decisions affect patients and patients’ access to advanced treatments. GAfPA’s physician advocates come from various specialty areas, such as rheumatology, oncology, cardiology and neurology.

Patient Advocates

Patient advocates’ passion, personal experiences, and drive to improve access for their peers gives life to many of GAfPA’s international advocacy efforts. Their poignant stories can bring a renewed understanding of how policy decisions impact the life, family and well being of individual patients. GAfPA works with patients advocates from a wide range of backgrounds.

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Regions & Issues

Working with Physicians & Patient Advocates Around the Globe

Access to advanced and life-saving medicines is a global need. GAfPA’s advocates span multiple continents, issue areas and backgrounds, addressing regional challenges toward a common, international goal.

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