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Patients at the Heart of New Cholesterol Guidelines

The European Society of Cardiology has released new guidelines recommending that patients lower their LDL cholesterol to reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease. But the guidelines don’t just reinforce an important truth. They make it actionable for patients.

La farmacovigilancia como modo de reforzamiento de regulaciones

  El viernes 24 de agosto de 2018 se llevó a cabo el primer webinario de la Academia Latinoamericana de Pacientes. La academia tuvo su primera reunión en la ciudad de Miami el 26 de mayo. Este webinario sirvió como un seguimiento de esa reunión. El tema del webinario enfocaba en la farmacovigilancia como modo … Continued

How Latin America Can Avoid a Health Care Misstep

When public health emergencies threaten developing nations, governments may look for cheap, fast ways to secure necessary medicine.  One option is compulsory licensing, the topic of a new “Fast Facts” from the Global Alliance for Patient Access. But how does compulsory licensing work?  And does it really meet patients’ needs? Compulsory licensing occurs when governments … Continued

New Biosimilar Switching Paper Prioritizes Physician-Patient Relationship and Robust Pharmacovigilance

By Brian Kennedy, Executive Director, Global Alliance for Patient Access A new position paper from the European Crohn’s and Colitis Organisation has garnered attention from physicians and patient advocates across Europe. The paper supports switching inflammatory bowel disease patients from an infliximab biologic medicine to a biosimilar – a position that some readers have misinterpreted as an endorsement for switching all patients to … Continued

WHO Meeting Looks Forward on Distinguishable Names

By Brian Kennedy, Executive Director, Global Alliance for Patient Access This month’s World Health Organization Open Sessions with INN Stakeholders explored the value, and the future, of the biological qualifier system. The Global Alliance for Patient Access was pleased to present to WHO officials and an international group of fellow stakeholders. While there, I conveyed … Continued

Will Norway’s switching study give policymakers the data they’ve been hoping for?

Published in the Pharma Letter 18 October 2016   Expert View Earlier this month, initial results from a biosimilar switching study called “NOR-SWITCH” were released at the annual United European Gastroenterology Week meeting in Vienna. Data from switching studies such as these have the potential to impact how biologic medicines are used around the world. … Continued

Remsima and Inflectra not inferior to Remicade, NOR-SWITCH study finds

A two year-long Phase IV study has shown Celltrion’s infliximab biosimilar is not inferior to its originator Remicade, but a physician group still urges caution when switching. However, the Global Alliance for Patient Access (GAfPA) – a US non-profit physician group funded by major biopharma and biosimilar makers – expressed its concerns that the results … Continued

Nordic Patient Groups Tackle Biosimilar Policy Issues

Originally published at Institute for Patient Access Biosimilar medicines are being prescribed more and more freely across Europe. But access to, and use of, these new medicines differs greatly depending on which European country you live in.  A recent workshop by the Global Alliance for Patient Access allowed patient advocates from across Europe’s Nordic region … Continued

GAfPA Asks: What are the Critical International Barriers to Patient Access?

Healthy lives and well-being for all are among the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. The U.N. calls for “access to quality essential health-care services and access to safe, effective, quality and affordable essential medicines and vaccines for all.” But getting necessary medical care to communities across the globe is no simple task. So at … Continued

Global Poster Presentations Convey Need for Distinct Biosimilar Names

Patient advocates have teamed up to take an important message to European physicians and policymakers: distinct names for biosimilar medications are essential. The Global Alliance for Patient Access and the Alliance for Safe Biologic Medicines recently presented posters at two European health policy meetings. The posters feature survey data from physicians to highlight the need … Continued

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