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Budapest Biologics & Biosimilars Self-Management Workshop Report Released

On January 13th and 14th, the Global Alliance for Patient Access (GAfPA) and Agora, a platform of organizations of people with rheumatic diseases in Southern Europe, held a workshop in Budapest for patient advocates. The aim of this event was to provide patient groups with a greater understanding of the current landscape for biologic and … Continued

GAfPA “NOR-SWITCH” Paper Explores Impact of Biosimilar Switching Research

Data from a clinical study in Norway may soon explain the effects of switching stable patients from a biologic medicine, infliximab, to its biosimilar counterpart. But, as the Global Alliance for Patient Access argues in a new white paper, policymakers must accurately interpret what the NOR-SWITCH study will – and will not – demonstrate about the … Continued


En 2015, la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS) anunció su propuesta de denominación de medicamentos biosimilares que son similares, pero no idénticos para referenciar a los medicamentos biológicos. La propuesta de la OMS sugiere que los biológicos de referencia y biosimilares tienen un nombre/ denominación común internacional (INN) que los cualifica usando al azar … Continued

Global Poster Presentations Convey Need for Distinct Biosimilar Names

Patient advocates have teamed up to take an important message to European physicians and policymakers: distinct names for biosimilar medications are essential. The Global Alliance for Patient Access and the Alliance for Safe Biologic Medicines recently presented posters at two European health policy meetings. The posters feature survey data from physicians to highlight the need … Continued

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