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Access Issues Loom Large at Munich Workshop on Biologics and Biosimilars

When should patients switch from one medicine to another for non-medical reasons? How can pharmacovigilance processes successfully monitor patients’ reactions to a medicine? And, perhaps most importantly, how do we ensure that patients are informed participants in decisions about their medication?   These questions and others framed a May 4-5 advocacy workshop in Munich, hosted … Continued

Budapest Biologics & Biosimilars Self-Management Workshop Report Released

On January 13th and 14th, the Global Alliance for Patient Access (GAfPA) and Agora, a platform of organizations of people with rheumatic diseases in Southern Europe, held a workshop in Budapest for patient advocates. The aim of this event was to provide patient groups with a greater understanding of the current landscape for biologic and … Continued

Clinical judgement first, value proposition second: drugmakers issue joint global position paper on biosimilar switching

European and global drug bodies have joined forces to send a strong message: when it comes to decisions around biosimilar switching, clinicians and patients must come first.  In a joint statement released this week, three industry trade bodies came together to stress that physicians and patients must be central to the decision-making process. They added … Continued

New Biosimilar Switching Paper Prioritizes Physician-Patient Relationship and Robust Pharmacovigilance

By Brian Kennedy, Executive Director, Global Alliance for Patient Access A new position paper from the European Crohn’s and Colitis Organisation has garnered attention from physicians and patient advocates across Europe. The paper supports switching inflammatory bowel disease patients from an infliximab biologic medicine to a biosimilar – a position that some readers have misinterpreted as an endorsement for switching all patients to … Continued

EU debate on biosimilar drugs

by Brian Kennedy and David Charles Published in the Hippocratic Post, November 15, 2016 Biosimilar medicines have been the hot subject of debate for a number of years. But as health systems around the world face continued budget squeezes and seek to increase the number of patients treated with biosimilars, the use of these less expensive … Continued

VÍDEO: Nombrando medicamentos biosimilares en Latinoamérica

Incluso pequeñas diferencias pueden tener un impacto en cómo un medicamento afecta a su cuerpo. Esto es particularmente cierto con los medicamentos biológicos, que están hechos a partir de células u organismos vivos. Los biológicos a menudo son utilizados en el tratamiento de enfermedades graves como la artritis reumatoide, la psoriasis, la enfermedad de Crohn … Continued

WHO Meeting Looks Forward on Distinguishable Names

By Brian Kennedy, Executive Director, Global Alliance for Patient Access This month’s World Health Organization Open Sessions with INN Stakeholders explored the value, and the future, of the biological qualifier system. The Global Alliance for Patient Access was pleased to present to WHO officials and an international group of fellow stakeholders. While there, I conveyed … Continued

Will Norway’s switching study give policymakers the data they’ve been hoping for?

Published in the Pharma Letter 18 October 2016   Expert View Earlier this month, initial results from a biosimilar switching study called “NOR-SWITCH” were released at the annual United European Gastroenterology Week meeting in Vienna. Data from switching studies such as these have the potential to impact how biologic medicines are used around the world. … Continued

Remsima and Inflectra not inferior to Remicade, NOR-SWITCH study finds

A two year-long Phase IV study has shown Celltrion’s infliximab biosimilar is not inferior to its originator Remicade, but a physician group still urges caution when switching. However, the Global Alliance for Patient Access (GAfPA) – a US non-profit physician group funded by major biopharma and biosimilar makers – expressed its concerns that the results … Continued

Nordic Patient Groups Tackle Biosimilar Policy Issues

Originally published at Institute for Patient Access Biosimilar medicines are being prescribed more and more freely across Europe. But access to, and use of, these new medicines differs greatly depending on which European country you live in.  A recent workshop by the Global Alliance for Patient Access allowed patient advocates from across Europe’s Nordic region … Continued

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