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The International Network of Physicians & Advocates for Patient Access

Empowering Advocates for Advanced Medicine

Every day across the globe, advanced treatments offer new hope for patients.  New advances in medicine may treat or cure diseases that were disabling, even terminal.

But they also present new challenges for policymakers and governments, who must ask: How will these treatments be approved?  Regulated?  Paid for?  To answer these questions, policymakers need to hear from those who will be directly affected — patients and physicians.

That’s why GAfPA works internationally to educate, empower and mobilize physicians and patient advocates. Their unique insight can guide policymakers to make informed decisions about value, safety, cost and, ultimately, patient access.

Partnering for Patient Access

Partnerships with individuals, patient advocacy groups and international organizations allow GAfPA to expand its reach and amplify its efforts.  These partnerships may work to create and distribute educational materials, or perhaps to organize and orchestrate advocacy events.  GAfPA welcomes the opportunity to partner with like-minded organizations and individuals.

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The Global Alliance for Patient Access is a project of the Alliance for Patient Access (AfPA). To learn more about AfPA, including associate membership, click here.

Building on the successes of 2016, GAfPA’s reach expanded across Europe and Latin American in 2017. GAfPA worked to educate, empower and mobilise patient representative and clinicians, equipping them with a range of educational materials such as videos, infographics and policy papers.

With the help of these materials, GAfPA drove consensus and raised key issues with policymakers at the local, regional, national and international level.

Across Europe and Latin America, GAfPA remained consistent with core values: informed consent, patient choice, shared decision-making and – above all – patient access.


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